Anthony ‘WTF’ Bourdain

19 02 2010

Tony and I went to see Anthony Bourdain speak in Calgary  back in January. I had to post about this event. Besides laughing (with and at all the profanity) there was a wine and cheese after. Good value. If you’re into this sort of thing, keep your eyes posted for more of these ‘foodie’ events at the Epcor Centre. If you don’t know who Mr. Bourdain is, he is a ‘say it like it is’ food-travel-writer-chef. He doesn’t go to the places tourists go, he seeks out the traditions and culinary pride of the countries and cities he travels too. You can find him on the Travel Channel or Discovery Channel, NOT the Food Network. He does roll his eyes at veggies and vegans, but once you get past that (and he has been known to swoon over an organic tomato or two) you’ll realize he is doing more than eating ‘weird stuff’. He is encouraging us to explore the world, through the heart and soul of others, respecting cultures and experiencing where food traditions came from. He poo-poo’s poor travellers that expect to get the hamburger and pizza they are familiar with at home, he is especially hard on his fellow American’s. “If you are fortunate enough to have a passport and travel why the f**k would you go to a Hard Rock Cafe?”

In answering the question of why food shows have become so popular, he compared it to porn. “Watching people on TV doing things you’re not going to do anytime soon”. He ranted about fast food and the quality of food in America. “As an American it is my right that ammonia shouldn’t ever be present in my hamburger”, referring to a recent New York Times article about this very thing. Still want that hamburger? As a new parent, he goes on to remind us the power of marketing and just who the marketers are after – kids, with million dollar brainwashing campaigns. Still want that hamburger?

We appreciated his ability to remind us of how fortunate we are, that we can travel the world and explore other places. That we have food from all nations represented in the major cities of North America while others in the world go hungry. With that he ends, “We only have so much time at the table” and “The history of the world is on your plate”. Bon Appetite

Be well, Natalie



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