Now That’s Fresh

25 02 2010

I finally made it, to Fresh, the iconic vegan restaurant in Toronto. I was out in the T.Dot with my friend Blythe for work and she was kind enough to put up with my child like excitement. Over the years, I had heard so much about Fresh from my friend Christine. She even bought me one of their cook books and the recipes and inspiration are a staple in our kitchen. Fresh started as a juice bar on the streets of Toronto and now has three busy locations. So what was it like? Delish. The food is of course, so fresh, layers of flavour, bright and good for you. The list of smoothies, veggie and fruit juices is devine. You feel better just walking in there! Of course I recorded the event.

We basically arrived in Toronto, checked in to our hotel, confirmed our Fresh date with Christine, found the subway and went straight there. I was overwhelmed by the choices, of course I wanted to try the original’s of the recipes I had made at home, but then I wanted to try stuff I hadn’t made or were new. My good friends offered to order a few different things so I could try as much as possible. Nice girls.

Both Blythe and Christine had the Carrot, Ginger and Curry Soup. OMG, warm goodness.

Christine had the Singing Grasshopper Wheatgrass Shake and I had the All Green Vegetable Juice. They were both like magic cleansing potions and after a flight made me feel much better.

For the main, Blythe ordered the Black Bean Burrito, it was full of veggies and beans but their dressings are amazing. The burrito had Chipotle Avocado. Christine tried the Macro Greens like kale, bok choy, broccoli with sweet potato and grilled tomato. It came in covered bowl with the Peanut Lime dressing on the top. I ordered the Beach (maybe because I am dreaming of my Mexico vacation coming up or because I wished it would make me beach ready) which was a big bowl of veggies like red pepper, zucchini and sweet potato with sun dried tomatoes. Goodness all around.

Toronto is full of great places to eat, the diversity of people and culture is incredible. We learned that a recent census placed the number of people born outside of Toronto at 52% and mostly from outside of Canada. Think about that. We thought Calgary might be similar with at least half of our population from Saskatchewan 🙂

One last thing, do you know the pronunciation of ACAI (the tropical berries packed with antioxidants)? I thought it was ‘a-cay-sha’. It’s not, it’s ‘ass-eye-ee’. I swear, but maybe the pronunciation grammar is a bit off, we sort of made that up under our clean food halo. 🙂 🙂

Eat well, Natalie



One response

2 03 2010

I think it was the walnut banana pancakes that made me a Fresh Aficionado. Sorry, leaving random messages – I’m cyber stalking you, Nat!! 🙂

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