Sayulita Life Part II

14 03 2010

The tequila research continues, stay tuned on that front. We did find the most glorious hot weather treat, home made popsicles. Now these are no ordinary popsicles they are made from real fruit juice with chunks of fruit. She also makes ice cream and again full of fruit, nuts or Oreos if you like. We have tried blackberry and pineapple (pic below), coffee, jack fruit and coconut water with pieces of coconut! She has mango, mango with chillies, lime, melon, mixed fruit and the list goes on. Coconut is a group fav and I think I’ll try the coconut ice cream before we leave – it’s made from coconut cream.

Adios and eat well



One response

16 03 2010

love, love, love the blog!!! finally have had a moment on the computer, longer than 5 minutes. love everything about it, the format, the recipes, the photos!! yum, coconut ice cream, that sounds brilliant!! hope you had fun at the wedding!! miss you!!

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