Not a Doritos Endorsement

19 03 2010

Back from Sayulita, Sayulita Life Part III coming soon. In the meantime, I wanted to get this out to the two people following this blog. My friends in Calgary made this Doritos ad for a contest. I finally got to watch it today and love it. Those of you that know me well, both of you, might know that I have had a love affair with Doritos Zesty Cheese in the past, not often, once a month. I’ve kicked that habit and no not because I’m pregnant <eye roll> but for healthful reasons, but once in awhile, like on car trips, they’re okay 🙂

Anyhow, this commercial is for a Doritos ad competition, you have to watch this URL and if you watch the other videos you are giving them votes so don’t. I know the makers of this little film and I can assure you it is the best one so don’t be watching the other ones. Promise. Go eat Doritos instead, doh, not suppose to endorse them, this is a health food blog.

(eat well) and be well, Nat



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