White Bunnies and Easter Goodies

6 04 2010

As if, I wouldn’t eat bunnies for dinner. In fact, when I was a kid (like 5 or something) I remember my old great uncle Mike was a rabbit farmer. When he came to town he brought the bunnies with him. I played with them in my baba’s (grandmother’s) backyard. They even had a little wood house for them. We ran and played until we tired, both the bunnies and I. At dinner, I think Easter, the food was served. Inquisitive as I was, I said, as my mom was dishing a meat thing on my plate, “what is that?”, mom said “rabbit, what do you think it is” (because an urban Hungarian-Polish-Ukrainian kid is suppose to think like a farm kid). Well I think I screamed, at least that is my memory, and never touched rabbit again. 10 years later cows and pigs ‘fell off the plate’.

Anyhow, I was working in the house on Good Friday, and out the front window, running down Elbow Dr. was a herd of rabbits. White rabbits just given’r like they were running for their lives. It was hilarious. Go bunnies Go!

Easter morning we went to grandma K’s for a waffle breakfast. She made like 100 waffles, they kept coming out of the oven “eat, eat”. She makes her own jam, like many people do. She experiments with ‘low sugar’ or substitutes, you know to “watch the calories”. She made the yummiest jam ever, prune jam. I love prunes, we always have a bag in the cupboard, so good for you and keeps you regular. She took soft, dried prunes, chopped them up, added Welches unsweetened prune juice and cooked it up into a jam. Into a jar and into the fridge to spread on waffles, toast and whatever else you like. Try it, it is good!

Hope everyone has a nice long weekend.

Eat well,




2 responses

6 04 2010

Pretty funny stuff……but Baba did not serve bunnies at Easter….well not the fuzzy real ones any ways – they were white chocolate bunnies silly girl!

6 04 2010

I stand corrected. My mom clarified, we didn’t eat the bunnies at Easter, we ate them in the fall, phew, what a relief ;0

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