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26 04 2010

In my morning scan I came across an interesting interview with Michael Pollan of Food Inc in the Huffington Post. The set of photos are interesting and date back through the ages of food production and marketing. There is a lot more to come from this discussion on food and good on him. I hope that we start to hear more about salt and sugar in the near term, two very destructive and over produced additives in our food. He makes it clear that he is supporting whole sustainable food consumption, to go back to simpler ways of being. Think pre-industrial revolution.

As well I noticed a short photo guide on sustainable seafood. There is a printable guide and iPhone app which I love. I have often questioned what seafood is sustainable and which is not when I am shopping or out for dinner. This is a new area for me. Tony and I watch Nature of Things and last year they ran a show in which David Suzuki and his daughter went in search of sustainable seafood production in Canada. To their happy surprise there is a a lot of good stuff going on in this country including sustainable and progressive mussel farms on the East Coast.

Eat well, be well,




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26 04 2010

Love the blog Nat. Here’s some related info:

Make Smart Choices When Eating Seafood – Choose fish that are good for you and the ocean.
Click on an individual fish for more info.

26 04 2010

That’s interesting Nat. I’m off to the Florida Keys next week and I was poking around online at some of the restaurant recommendations. A lot of the menus offer dolphin…which I thought was not something we should eat. Your post just made me think how little we really know about our food….

27 04 2010

Yes, found that out when I was in Islamorada, Florida Keys. But listen, dolphin fish is not what is seems, it is dorado or mahi mahi, it’s a fish, not the mammal, so eat away if you’d like (unless on the unsustainable list). We ate all along the coast line, great food, lovely place the Keys.

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