Cool Comment

3 05 2010

Ani Phyo commented on this blog! Check out the comment under ‘Veggie Pate’…or to make it easier I have pasted it here for you 🙂

“Thanks Nat for enjoying my recipe!! And for the mention. i have many more recipes and videos on my website, as you know, at: my latest book “Ani’s Raw Food Essentials” goes on sale in the USA June 1st. It’s my biggest book yet, hard cover, with over 250 recipes. printed in 2 color with gorgeous color food photo inserts, it’s priced under $28, rather than over $45. my recipes continue to get simpler and faster to make. I hope you’ll check it out and enjoy it. thanks again for the post.”

How cool is that (unless it was her ‘people’). The last two weekends I have made desserts from her book that I quote often it seems. The ‘Lemon Coconut Bars’ and the ‘Fresh Mango Cobbler’ have been big hits in our house. Planet Organic had a bunch of ripe mangos on special Sunday and I thought ‘hey I think I have a recipe to try’! Tony said ‘yup better than the brownies’, so they must be good!

I’ll be buying her new book will u? (to Ani’s ‘people’: maybe she’ll send me some Ani swag)

Be well, Eat well



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