mmm Cupcakes

4 05 2010

I know, I know, not healthful but anyone that knows me knows I have a thing for cupcakes. This is thanks to my dear friend Kathy in Vancouver. Many, many years ago she introduced me to the original cupcake shop north of the 49th parallel called what else ‘Cupcakes’. They were and still are located on Denman and now have a bunch of locations. Anyhow, I first fell in love with cupcakes then and they have been my (and many others) favourite treat since. I have tasted them from here to Santa Monica to NYC and abroad. We had them at our wedding and every month Tony and I get two of the ‘flavour of the month’ from Crave. Do I have a favourite in the city? We had Buttercreme Bake Shoppe for our wedding, lavender icing on chocolate cake and a vanilla icing on vanilla cake. Perfect simplicity. We thought we’d be going out on a limb offering lavender flavoured cake at our wedding, but people loved them. I love the cake of Crave and the icing of Buttercreme but for the record the Blue Hawaii is our favourite at Cupcakes. It not only tastes perfect, but it has sweet memories for me (luvs ya Kath).

Today however, it was my good friend Jessica’s birthday and we took advantage of this day to sample a new cupcake place in the city, The Little Cupcake Shoppe. She even cleared the kids out (and I went over prepared to reluctantly share, isn’t she sweet). We organized ourselves, tea, plates, forks. We tried six cupcakes, but were civilized about it. We cut the cupcakes in half and then quartered them. Jess said that ‘you’d think we were sampling wedding cakes!’. We ate three, took a rest, discussed each one as we went. It was serious business. They are a bit smaller than the other ones in the city, so really it was like eating one big one. Their icing is less sweeter, less sugary than Crave, so we loved that. There is real fruit puree and other fresh additives, love that too. The cake, really good. Score. Check them out (But only as a special treat. I once saw the icing sugar get delivered to Crave, it came on a palate, eesh). I think our fav’s today were the Pina Colada and the Mocha.

Eat well (but not cupcakes everyday), Nat



2 responses

5 05 2010
Kathy Schultz

I do loves me a blue Hawaii cupcake!
Thanks Nat for the lovely shout out and the sweet “Cupcake” props!
I too have tried lots of cupcakes from many different places over the years, yet my heart still belongs to “Cupcakes”! They even have their own reality TV show on the W network now!

10 05 2010
Jessica Darel

Best birthday ever!!
Thanks Nat

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