Kamut for Breakfast

21 05 2010

I talked to a holistic dietician the other week and learned that I wasn’t eating enough in the morning. Having an ashtanga practice and being the most active in the morning requires fuel in the opposite order than people active through the day or at night. More food and complex carbs in the day, protein and veggies at night. Huh. Makes sense. I was actually slightly starving my metabolism. I thought the problems I was having were due to a sensitivity to sugar. They were sugar, but the sugar from carbs and the processing of complex carbs at night was taxing my system. So I changed to eating more through the day and feel the difference already, easier time going to sleep and more energy through the day. (For the record: the other reason for the metabolic  issues at night is age, nice, she politely told me that I was getting older. Argh.)

A new favourite breakfast of mine is kamut. I have my green smoothie (banana, another fruit and 2-3 cups of spinach, kale or chard) after practice and then a little while later whole grains like kamut with toasted nuts and seeds. I soak kamut for 24 hrs, rinse it a few times, drain it and then leave it in the fridge. 1/2 cup of soaked kamut in 1 cup of filtered water, low boil on the stove for 15-20 min. It’s just like making steel cut oats but without the starchy liquid. Once cooked (it is chewy), I dribble, and I mean dribble, agave syrup on it, like 1/2 tsp and mix it together. I like the smokey flavour of agave but honey would be yummy too. Sprinkle 2 tbsp of mixed toasted seeds and nuts on top, which I keep in a jar in the cupboard. This breakfast keeps me going until lunch and if lunch is late, no problem. If you are on the run, you could make this ahead and take it with you, doesn’t need to be hot and because it isn’t gummy like oatmeal, the kamut stays granule. You could add fruit to this, I don’t because I had a bunch in my smoothie. You could sprout the kamut as well…

Whole grains have so many health benefits. I found this great website from the Whole Grains Council with fantastic information on grains. Experiment with grains in your diet.

Eat well, Be well,




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