Seeds of Life: Part II

10 06 2010

Ok, we did it. Got the garden in. It was a dreary day on Tuesday, but the rain stayed away for the day. In between errands and writing a presentation I put my floral rubber boots on (wedding gift from my friend Kathy in Van) and got to work. I checked the lay out and started back to front. Like a good project manager I had a plan.

The soil was pretty wet, but since it was warm’ish out and damp, it was good weather to get the seeds started. Dry weather isn’t the best and you have to water it a bunch. I hope it will turn out okay. I still have some raspberry plants to plant in the back that grandma gave me yesterday. It is a lofty first try, but hopefully we are reaping the rewards of our own organic food by the end of summer. I guess this leads to canning and preserving too, huh.

Looking forward to sharing the fruits of our labour with all of you. Anyone else plant a garden? What’s your favourite garden treat?

Eat well, Be Well,




2 responses

17 06 2010
Angela Lucyk

Hey Nat, I couldn’t read your plan, but did you plant kohlrabi? I think it was one of Tony’s favs when we had a garden growing up.

18 06 2010

Nope, not this year. He loves beans so I planted lots of those! I think the list of stuff I planted is in Seeds of Life: Part I

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