‘Polar Obsession’

25 06 2010

I know this is s health food blog, but once in awhile I can’t help but share or rant about something else. Yesterday I heard the most amazing interview on CBC radio on the show Dispatches. I got to my destination and sat in the car to finish listening to it. I love that about CBC. A National Geographic photographer named Paul Nicklen travelled to Antarctica to photograph the leopard seal. He has a new book called Polar Obsession and it looks amazing.

The leopard seal are known to be vicious. They can get to 12+ feet long.They fling penguins around until they are inside out and then eat the meat! When Paul got into the water the leopard seal took his head and camera into his mouth! Then he proceeded to try to feed Paul for four days. He would bring him live penguins and when they just swam by Paul, the seal brought him dying and then dead seals, trying to teach him how to eat. The seal was concerned he might starve. Amazing. Animals are incredible and to not want to protect every creature on the planet is crazy. Anyhow, on the Dispatches website you can listen to his interview and watch a short video, I encourage you to click on it right now. Happy Friday.

Be well, Nat



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