30 06 2010

June is a busy month for us, it starts with a birthday and ends with a birthday and lots of stuff in between. I have recently been reminded by a few important people in my life to be present and that we never know what life brings. Being healthful includes sharing with others and June is the time when summer arrives (usually after lots of rain) and our spirits are alive in the sun. The gardens are planted and by July we settle in to a new routine that includes watering, pruning and BBQ’ing. We slow down, enjoy friends and family, eat fresh foods and rejuvenate. Here is a walk through June.

I was able to snap this amazing photo and a few others of bees doing their biz’ness in the plum tree. When the plum tree blooms the smell is incredible and the bees can be found buzzing around until the beginning of June.

It was my dad’s birthday on June 7 and we celebrated with a ‘bacon fry’ at my brother’s house. I forgot to take a picture of what a bacon fry looks like, doh. A very old school tradition and passed along by my Hungarian heritage. Over a fire pit you cook a piece of back bacon that has been slit lengthwise a few times. On a tray you have a thick slice of grandma’s bread with diced onion and paprika on it. As the bacon cooks, you drip and press it into the bread. Sounds like a coronary eh, well, these days the bacon looks quite lean, but not something to be done weekly. As you can imagine, I don’t partake, I cook a Spolumbos turkey sausage instead. The picture I did get was the Cedar Waxwing above. It sat by the pond for 30 min, I just kept getting closer and closer to snap a picture on my phone. Isn’t it gorgeous!

Then it was Fathers Day. My grandpa, dad’s dad, passed away January 5th. Before that we had a pre-Christmas dinner at our house and I made ‘good but bad for you’ almond cookies, to end the Spanish inspired dinner. They’re like a shortbread and dreamy. Gramps wasn’t feeling good, but he ate those cookies, he loved sweets! We call them ‘grandpa’s cookies’. For Father’s Day I made some for our dads. For my dad I wrapped them in wax paper and placed them in a turtle dish we bought in Mexico (his nickname is Turtle).

Tony and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary on June 21, the summer solstice. The rain seems to stop and the sun makes an appearance that day, lucky. To celebrate we bought a hot rod for cruising and shows. It’s a 1967 Beaumont and Street Heat fixed her up real nice (but I keep getting told “winter, new engine”, oh oh). China and Cotton are the traditional and modern anniversary gifts, I bought Tony and I t-shirts with the 1967 Beaumont advertisement on them. I know, don’t say it.

My dear grandpa’s birthday is on June 23. This was a tough day for everyone. We gathered at my grandparents, ate and cheers’ed him. A pic of my gramps and I dancing when I was like 15? Miss you gramps {heart}.

By the end of June the peonies are in full bloom and it is Tony’s birthday June 27. The peonies are amazing and fill the house with the smell of summer and remind me of my Baba, my mom’s mom. She passed 9 years ago and her birthday is June 29th. Miss you Baba {heart}. It’s sad the peonies don’t last long, but once they bloom the other perennials get their turn in the sun. For Tony’s birthday I bought him all sorts of BBQ’ing apparatus, I look forward to the veggies and such grilled on the ‘q over the summer.

Was June special for you?

Be well, Nat



One response

30 06 2010
Lenore @ Lather. Write. Repeat

The peonies are beautiful and I loved hearing about your June – lots of good family stuff in there 🙂 Love the car!!
My June was pretty great, a real creative time with lots on my mind. I’m really feeling good about life and the direction it is going and very grateful for all I’ve been blessed with (past experiences and a bright future).

Hope your July is filled with good food, good people and good gardening weather!


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