Blog Time and Cherries

13 07 2010

Sheesh, I just started a new consulting gig and boy has it been hard to fit everything in, get to yoga, to my volunteer obligations, stay connected with my business network, pack the perfect lunch and have time to eat! We have been so busy at work hours go by and my stomach is embarrassingly growling. In a short time I have managed to just break out the food, we all have. The team is great and I am excited about the project. I know I’ll find my rhythm soon, but it always takes time at the beginning.

In all the busy’ness I missed getting to the market this weekend. I have mentioned before that the Kingsland Farmers Market opened and we are so excited about it. I was at a yoga workshop all weekend so Tony covered the market for us. He chatted up the owner of Broxburn Vegetables and Cafe again. We have bought most of our produce from him the two times we’ve been there (they only opened a couple of weekends ago). I had one important request from the market, cherries! We ate a box of raspberries from there last time, this time it is a big bag of cherries. Raspberries and cherries are two of my favourite fruits. Tonight, finally some down time, I consumed a bowl of cherries 🙂

And since we are on the topic of cherries, you can’t enjoy them without a blast from the past – Cherries Jubilee. My ultimate favourite dessert. This is a pic of Cherries Jubilee being served at Wellington’s in Calgary, a dining institution in Calgary, at my birthday last year. Cherries, orange juice and brandy are warmed in a pan, table side. To finish it off, the brandy is lit on fire and when it burns off, the cherries are poured over vanilla ice cream. Although not a steak eater, I have spent many a birthday there, dating back to my pre-teens, enjoying my usual fav dessert.

Be well, eat well (and go get some cherries and fruit from the market, summer will be over before you know it!)




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14 07 2010
Lenore @ Lather. Write. Repeat.

Mmmm, I love cherries too! Thanks my dear for your sweet and encouraging comments on the blog – I get a lot of my entrepreneurial spririt from my time under your wing!


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