Stampede Healthfully?

20 07 2010

On Saturday I tweeted we were off to the Stampede and while there you know I was going to record healthful treats 🙂 I love the Stampede. I know a lot people think it’s pathetic and silly. I think this: in Calgary we have two big opportunities a year to celebrate with friends and family, bringing colleagues from all parts of the city together to visit and have some cheer, the holiday season and Stampede. We get to party in the winter and the summer. It is a joyful time, especially when you have kids or are in business. So why not take part. Even if you don’t go to the grounds, friends have BBQs or even head out of town together, bottom line, people spend time together, what’s lame about that?

So our Stampede always includes BBQs and networking and a trip to the grounds followed by an outing and maybe some two-stepping. We didn’t get to the two-stepping this year, but we enjoyed a stroll on the grounds, took in the sites and ate A LOT. The first way to be healthful at the Stampede is to fill up on veggies BEFORE you go, that way you aren’t a) starving or b) tempted so easily. We did just that, made a big salad before we went. This way you can take your time, wonder around and sess out the options. Doing so we found our first choice, Wood Fired Pizza’s. Tony LOVES Margherita pizza and they had it on the menu and it looked good. A small crowd had gathered and was willing to take in the wait for a fresh oven fired pizza. We ordered a pizza to share and  to go with it, Limonada, soda water with fresh squeezed juice. We chose lemon, no sugar please. Delicious.

We continued our wondering, buying tickets to the Dream Home and Truck & Camper. Tony talked about both like they were already his (A technique for winning he says. Update: We didn’t win). We had met some good friends down there and one of them had a toddler, so we headed into the Big Four building for more dinner….that ended up being perogies, not bad. Tony had the entire Ukrainian dinner! The best part was that you could sit, with your kids and have a beer (light beer of course, continuing with the theme, and the fact they didn’t have much choice).

Dessert! Our favourite, Pineapple Cones. We both have been eating these since we were kids, it’s my mom’s favourite too. I do remember actual chunks of pineapple back then though. They are still yummy and FAT FREE!

Those that know Tony know he is a candy-o-holic so when he saw the salt water taffy booth, we had to stop. I thought, fine, buy a handful. Nope, he buys the 65 piece box. The kid at the Pineapple Cone place says “whoa, that’s a lot of salt water taffy”. Yes, yes it is 😉

We toured the Round Up Centre, where they sell and hock all sorts of stuff. Eating our cones (Tony started on the taffy) we talked to the Nellies Natural Laundry Soap people. We bought some dryer balls, citrus scent inserts and got a bag of soap for free, 50 loads worth!

A night out at the Stampede is not complete without those little mini donuts. OF COURSE! And because we did relatively well all night, or I did relatively well, I deserved them. As we made our way to the LRT Station, we grabbed some donuts. Tony finished his off before the train, I took my time, he continued to eat taffy. Candy, it’s an issue in our house.

Did you go to Stampede, what’s your favourite treat?

Eat well, be well,




One response

22 07 2010

Hi Nat, the Woods Fired Pizzas and limonada were the exact same lunch that Darcy and I had at the Stampede. Very tasty and well worth the wait!

We stuck with 10 salt water taffy to be good. Despite love for the mini doughnuts, we walked around the booth and hit the train home without — pat on the back for us!

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