Yuppie S’mores

23 08 2010

Okay, so this isn’t the healthiest thing, but it is summer and S’mores are a summer treat. We were having our friends Jess and John over for dinner (we seem to do a lot of eating with them) and thought Hey! Let’s have S’mores! It’s summer, we have a fire pit and what a great way to spend a summer night. NOTE: Summer is defined as ‘the warmer half of the year’. Okay its warmer, but not by much.

Anyhow, hot summer nights or not, we donned the camp fire clothing and made S’mores. A S’more is traditionally made up of a toasted marshmallow between two Graham Wafers with a layer of chocolate. They are enjoyed over an open camp fire and the like. To make it a ‘Yuppie S’more’, as John called it, I picked up home-made marshmallow’s from Planet Organic, a Green and Blacks Caramel filled chocolate bar and low-fat Graham Wafers. Come on, I tried to make it ‘healthful’.

Honestly, these were way better than the Jet-Puffed version of a S’more. The marshmallow’s were less sweet, vanilla flavoured and the chocolate less sweet and smoother. I liked the low-fat Graham Wafers because the regular ones break apart easier when squeezing the melting marshmallow between them. Hey, these are the details you need to consider! We documented the construction of them below (Hint: on a cool night, warm the Graham Wafers and chocolate on the fire pit to assist melting).

What is your favourite S’more recipe?

Eat well, be well,




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