Zucchini Blossoms

5 09 2010

We have huge zucchini plants and some great sized zucchini’s growing. Zucchini is a popular squash good for grilling, salads, sauteing, curries, baking and more. You can freeze it to use through the winter it is so versatile, but more on that another day. If you have grown zucchini, or other vegetables like tomatoes, you would know that eventually you have to sacrifice the new blossoms for the advancement of the ones already established. Zucchini has two types of blossoms, girls and boys. The boys do not grow up to be zucchini, but long stems with a blossom on the end and the girls, once pollinated, turn into zucchini’s, also with a blossom. As I was doing the sacrifice of blossoms and stems I asked myself, what can you do with the blossoms?

Most of the recipes out there are for stuffed zucchini blossoms, usually lightly battered and fried. What’s the point? The blossoms are basically used as a vessel for a cheese like filling. There are lots of amazing recipes but sounded like to much work and not really about the blossoms. I thought, I bet they would be nice to add to sautéed vegetables, right-o. A favourite so far is mixing them with sautéed mushrooms for scrambled eggs. Saute the mushrooms first in butter or olive oil, remove the stamens and add chopped blossoms and cook until soft, add the eggs, salt and pepper. Cook till eggs are done. Serve warm with slices of avocado, grainy toast and choice of fruit. How’s that for a <rainy> long weekend breakfast?

Happy long weekend. What kind of cooking are you doing?

Eat well, be well, Nat



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24 06 2013
simple vegetables,

Vegetables add colour, taste, texture and bulk to our daily diet.
There are dozens of different vegetables that can be prepared
in literally hundreds of ways.

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