Seeds of Change: Part V

26 09 2010

Well, it’s the end of the garden season, sad. I, like many others feel like summer never arrived. We sought out hot weather and summer days in the Okanagan and Spokane. Soon it will be a trip to the house in Vegas to remind us of the warmth, ah 20 degrees in November…I digress.

Even with the weather we had, my first garden was a great success. I had my doubters (uh, um grandma, who has been raiding the garden all summer). Besides the tomotoes that are now on the counter in paper bags attempting to ripen and the two handful of beans I got, all and all, we harvested lots of food. Here’s the low down on how things did and lessons learned:

  • Carrots: should have thinned them out sooner, but they are the sweetest, yummiest and remind me of our garden growing up
  • Beets: gorgeous, so sweet and I am going to attempt my mom’s borscht one of these days, just need a day off!
  • Radishes: need to put them closer to the fence, they grew very quickly and need a cooler place, we didn’t get to enjoy many of them, they were really woody
  • Spinach: biggest surprise of them all, grows on stalks and the little leaves keep on coming, but they needed more hot days to really harvest a lot, the leaves stayed really small
  • Lettuce: amazing, been eating it since it was ready, cut it back, don’t pull, it grows back. I planted another row in August, but will do that earlier next year because it’s too late for it to come up
  • Swiss Chard: maniac grower, used it every day in my green smoothies
  • Kale: started this from plants, just six of them, incredible big green leaves, a green smoothie fave
  • Tomatoes: grandmas right, needs to be in the sunniest spot, those few minutes of sun a day from placement in the garden would make a big difference. We haven’t eaten a good one yet, still green, but this is common for gardeners this year šŸ˜¦
  • Zucchini: we had a huge one and lots of smaller ones, however, some had rotted at the end and when I looked it up they say it is from a calcium deficiency. I also think the blossoms didn’t dry up and fall off, it was too wet and they were damp. I’ll remember to pull them off next year
  • Beans: again, these need more sun, placement change next year, but we had a couple of handfuls of sweet and tender green beans
  • Raspberries: against the fence wasn’t the best, but this is a short-term home. When our new fence goes in and the shed is moved, we have the perfect place for them
  • Sorrel: huge plants, did amazing along the fence with some shade, made soup a few times (and so did grandma)
  • Mint: mint is always insane, I gave some away and never used it myself, why do I grow it again?
  • Strawberries: a few pieces of fruit in July and then nothing, maybe next year
  • Rhubarb: I think I am onto my fourth or fifth cutting (and grandmas third), it produces like a champ

I think i’ll keep things relatively the same next year with a few placement changes. I might even experiment with a few others things. Well there you have it, a growing season well done, even with challenging temperatures. How did your garden grow?

Eat well, be well,




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