Kids These Days

2 10 2010

Life’s been busy, you? I thought once September was over things would simmer, not so much. I haven’t had the time to skim thoroughly all the info sites I normally do. Thank goodness friends share stuff. I know we all get a lot of email but it is so nice when friends do share stuff they know you would be interested in. That way when times are busy, like they are now, you don’t miss out.

This was passed to me and I had to share it with you. This boy does a perfect job in just a few minutes to sum up so much of what the food industry is about these days. If this is the result of home schooling kids, then sign me up (oh right, need a kid first). He likes Joel Salatin as much as I do, enough said. Happy Saturday.

Be Well, Eat Well, Nat



One response

4 10 2010

just thought i’d let you know i tried to make vegan pumpkin pie from scratch the other day. i’ve made pumpkin pie before and it was great so i was super ambitious and made 3! well i hate to say it but pumpkin pie with no sweetener is just terrible! so my pies tasted like bitter pumpkin and nutmeg.
so that you understand the sevarity of this mistake i will quote my friend, “emily, you really shouldn’t make anyone eat that…”
this story does have a happy ending however. i instead i made a vegan chocolate pie with cocoa, spelt four, maple syrup and a chocolate moose topping made from avocado and banana. so yummy!

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