Pastel de Nata

26 03 2011

Hi blog friends. I write this quick entry from Portugal. Land of the best oranges, vino verde (green wine as they call it but it is fresh white wine with a hint of effervescence), fresh cheeses, grilled seafood caught by local fishermen and Portugese hospitality.

I first came to Portugal with my mom in 2003. My folks have a timeshare in Albuferia in the Algarve along the beach. Tony and my brother and I find ourselves back in the Algarve for a sunny holiday. One week in and I have enjoyed the simple but oh so satisfying pastel de nata many times. They are little flan type pastries. Perfect with afternoon tea. Yum.

Here are some photos I’ve collected of my fave Portugese treat. One of them is of the little tarts hiding in a bag and me sneaking a nibble at the back of the bus on our tour to Gibraltar. More on that and other Portugese adventures another day. I hope all is well…

Eat well, be well, adeus



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