Diner Delight

30 08 2011

The Guy F Mark

We were recently in Spokane, Washington for our annual road trip to the Goodguys Rod and Custom Association car show. We had a smaller contingent of folks take the trip this year, but was fun just the same. There were more than 1500 cars at the Spokane fair grounds, including the three we trailer’ed down. Since we were driving around in hot-rods what a great opportunity to check out some diners (like the show Drivers, Diners and Dives). I know, I know, real foodies flinch these days at all the ridiculous food reality shows out there (I’m one of them). However, the benefit to ‘Triple D’ is that we hopped in our cars and checked out a scene we would normally never have known about, and it made our night.

Our buddy Owen tasting Kids Mac & Cheese

We headed to Chaps (check out their website). A very cool and very fitting place owned by two friends. It is a throw back to the 50’s with spiked favourites like Lobster Mac & Cheese and Fish Tacos.

Our '67 Beaumont 'Della' in front of Chaps

A bakery is a part of the story which serves up lots of different pastries and cookies – which my mom bought a box of and I only tried one, boo. Sneaky lady. But the Chocolate Ginger I had was delicious!

Yummy, Chocolate and Ginger

That concluded three of four trips this summer, two of which were road trips. Now we head east to a wedding in Winnipeg, Manitoba….which I am sure I’ll have some lovely things to share cause the gal getting married is one of the loveliest I know.

T & I in front of the Chaps Truck

How has your summer been? Any food exploration? I love hearing from you, thanks for sharing your experiments and which recipes you have tried from the blog. Healthful eating (except for that Chocolate Ginger cookie:)) is important, happy to be on the journey with you.

Eat well, Be well,




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