A Quick Cup of Coffee

29 01 2012

Happy Sunday. The days are getting a wee bit longer, which is nice and the weather continues to be freakishly lovely. It feels like a March day in Calgary today. Up early with tea, read, off to practice, tea with the usual yoga crew and home for a quiet Sunday. It’s nice when you did all your errands on Fri/Sat and you are left with a bit less to do on a Sunday.

I don’t drink coffee but T does. I wish I liked it though. It smells so good sometimes, but doesn’t do it for me. I like my tea. Maybe it’s because coffee became a survival technique during university and now it has lost its allure. I do like it now and then (decaf) with dessert when out for dinner. But I think even the thought of it keeps me up so I don’t do that often.

Our combo expresso/coffee maker died an early death last fall. It was a good one too (we thought), a Krups. I have learned since, that it has been discontinued. Nice. T was without a proper coffee maker up until Christmas. He used the Bodem, which worked and he liked because he likes fresh ground coffee in the morning. He hates cleaning it out though…it’s about being efficient in the morning. So for Christmas I thought, i’ll buy him a new coffee maker, how practical of me. 😉 Well I found the bomb of quick coffee makers. I don’t mean to offend, but those little pod coffee makers that everyone is buying and were EVERYWHERE at Christmas are an environmental disaster. I work at a building with 40 some floors and each floor has an average of two of these machines pumping out a black garbage bag or more a day in little plastic containers. Yikes. Yeah, yeah, they’re recycled, but their still made from plastic…and they’re expensive!

I have the perfect item for you, fresh coffee, one cup at a time with the Hamilton Beach The Scoop. T grinds fresh coffee every morning, fills the scoop, adds water and presses start. How easy is that AND the unit is half the price or more than the expensive pod ones. So if you have been considering buying a new coffee maker and are being woo’d by those trendy pod types, give The Scoop a thought. (I swear we are not endorsed by Hamilton Beach, but when something this smart comes along, I gotta tell people. p.s I got ours at London Drugs and saw them at Canadian Tire too. Shameless, I know.)

Eat well, Be well,




One response

21 02 2012

I had given up on coffee makers as they always seem to break (cheap or expensive). I may have to try this one

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