Taste of Life

18 03 2012

Whoa, blog void. It’s been three weeks since my last post and frankly, it seems like only a few days. What’s been going on? Well, no experimenting in the kitchen, but plenty of favourite healthful dishes have come and gone. It is a good thing when healthy choices of whole foods and planned meals make it into your kitchen and tummy on a habitual basis. For me these past few weeks has been made up of some of my favourites on this blog (click on the links here and in the photos to jump to the recipes). Three Bean Soup, Kitchery, one pot Moroccan stew, and Veggie Lentil Soup. Fast, easy and nourishing when life is busy. What is your go to healthy choice?

Something new we did – after having a gift certificate for over a year for the Cookbook Company we finally attended a cooking class last night. We had done this before, but a demonstration class (you watch, eat and drink). This time though, we did the cooking. Had a couple of friends with us, so it was a fun way to spend time together, but I think I like the watching, eating and drinking better :). On the menu, a goat cheese starter, bean and garlic soup, chickpeas and quinoa salad and baked trout with home-made mango coconut ice cream for dessert. I so want an ice cream maker, already thinking of the non-sugar healthful versions you can make with real fruit….In the spirit of the Big Taste 2012, a dining event that was going on in downtown Calgary till last weekend, we started our night at BorgoIf you haven’t been, go. Best Italian food you’ll eat. We ended the night with a glass of great wine at Divino. How can the night have been better?
Well, when you talk with friends about life and it’s preciousness it makes for an even nicer night. Yesterday a friend of T’s passed away from cancer. A gal full of life with a husband and little kids. Taken far too early. Gave us all something to consider last night. We all fret over what we’re planning on doing next year but what if you didn’t have a next year? Now, I don’t think we should ‘just do what you want’ and ‘giver’. Living gracefully, through life and death, thinking beyond yourself and not just what you need to be happy (which is the predominant story out there) is something I believe we should aspire to. It’s hard work. It’s way easier to do what makes you happy. The progress trap of ‘more is better’, ‘do what makes you feel good’ and ‘love is the answer’ are limited in their reach for what is needed today. Disciplined action and thoughtful inquiry are required, in good times and bad. We rarely think beyond our own feelings and immediate situation, but we should. Our environment, politics and economic situation would be a different reality if we did. Consider that for a moment and how you might live if you knew your time was up – well you already do, instead of weeks, you can assume years, so how will you use them?.
Eat well, Be well



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