I {Heart} My Neighbourhood

12 08 2012

How are you? Busy summer? I always feel like we try to cram a bunch of stuff into the summer and already the days are feeling shorter and the mornings cooler. Ah well, enjoy it while it lasts. The sun has been blasting down on the garden and the bounty is looking good. The lettuce varieties have been abundant. Each day is fresh pickings of swiss chard for green smoothies and I’m hopeful the tomatoes turn into something edible (minus the one my little friend John picked early this week 😉 ).

I don’t brag about much, but recently my neighbourhood, Southwood, was voted #7 in the city as per Avenue magazines’ annual survey. Last year we were somewhere in the 30’s I think. I know it is a reader based survey, but more readers are living in and around Southwood and must love it as much as I do. I’ve been here 13 years and have seen it change. Lot’s of my friends were building new homes in new neighbourhoods and living in hipster neighbourhoods closer to downtown, I rode it out in Southwood. Our friend who is a real estate agent said something like, people stay in a home an average of 7 years – based on how many times I’ve updated and now doing a full renovation, with each completed phase it’s like a new home every year! I guess that keeps me average. Seriously though, I don’t see us moving. We have an amazing home we designed and created, mature trees and a great garden with tons of sun and a retired neighbour lady that likes to be naked outside May to September. What more could one want!

Yesterday I ran out for errands, this is what I did and why I {heart} my neighbourhood:

First stop, Aviv Fried’s Sidewalk Citizen Bakery for some incredible baking. I have been meaning to get there for so long (I’ve sampled often after yoga as baking turns up there now and then). This goes into the ‘it’s a staple’ category. You know when you travel and there is something that just can’t be beat and you’ll search with no luck elsewhere? Like a croissant in Paris or a curry in India? Well the cheese sticks at this bakery are KILLER. I’ll be back (apparently they come in gorgonzola as well, ah oh).

I popped up to Britannia to pick up some books from Owl’s Nest Books and ran to the bank, open on Saturdays, nice. After that to my favourite market, Kingsland Farmers Market for the weekly produce I don’t grow myself. In and out in 15 minutes, cause I know what I need and I visit the same growers and shops each week. I picked up some aged gouda from Springbank Cheese (to go on the green olive herb bread I just got). Checked out the bulk fruit for sale. I’ve frozen blueberries so far, but next is peaches…not this weekend though. Gotta run.

Next I hit up the Wild Bird Store to get food for the yard pets, had a deep discussion about Finches and how my new feeding apparatus is keep the squirrels away. Victory.

On the way home a quick stop at Planet Organic for the rest of our food needs. Done. All in 1 hr 15 min. Now I know I didn’t walk to each of these places, that would be ideal but they are all in a 5 Km radius, that’s good. Even better, I get to drive around in our 1967 Beaumont (in which my dear friend Em today called a land yacht, hardly ;-)). 

What do you love about your ‘hood? Vote for it at Avenue’s survey for 2013 here.

Eat Well, Be Well,




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