Maui 2013

11 03 2013

No recipes to post today. Just a moment in time. In my final days in Maui I am on the balcony of my condo, watching the sun set. Something that is revered in Maui. Hard not to be in awe of it. In only minutes it dips from the sky behind the blue ocean, to rise again from the opposite direction 12 hours or so later. Splendid.

Maui sunset 2013

Each night at this time the long-timers blow on their conch shells at the dipping of the sun on the horizon to offer their dreams to the golden hue and wish for good luck. They clap at the good and the not-so-good efforts of the other conch blowers.

The birds sing their final songs of the day, loudly and huddled together in the palm trees and flowers. Everyone is settling in for an early night. The birds start again at 6AM, at first sight of day light.

Maui bird 2013

It’s easy to eat well in Maui. For me the pescatarian, it’s poke, fish tacos and the like. I’m down two pineapples and two containers of spinach which I am sure my neighbours loved as these were blended up at 6AM and prepared for my ride home from yoga practice. Somehow I think they were up anyhow. The streets are alive at 6AM in Maui with runners and walkers. You feel like part of a special club with the ‘early birds’, who are the majority here.

Final days? Art shopping, sun set watching and deep breaths.

Aloha my friends, Aloha




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