Three Weeks Early

8 06 2013

Although not active on the blog…been active it seems everywhere else. Work. Reno. Life.

Got the garden planted three weeks earlier this year on May 12. Crazy for Calgary, but it was super warm and I figured if it got cold I’d just put the insulated blanket on the wee ones. I did that once and even the tomatoes survived the last bit of low temperatures. Today is June 8 and this is what the beans look like already. <smiles>

Beans June 8-2013

Look at that rhubarb in the background. The kohlrabi to the right were planted like that and growing already. That’s sorrel beside the rhubarb – I still have a bag of frozen sorrel leaves from last year in the freezer along with blueberries, peaches and a gazillion cups of rhubarb. So it’s cobbler season around here.

And this is what my bathroom looks like:

Bathroom June 8-2013

After six months of basement dwelling (however, a very nice basement) and now all of the furniture upstairs somewhere downstairs or in the garage, I went to stay at my folks in the country. I needed a reno-life-break. Fresh air and love…and some puppy love. Cassius barks at everything except the neighbour horses, he walks quietly, sits and watches. I think he has a crush.

Cassius June 8-2013

How’s your spring…it’s weeks to summer, hard to believe.

Eat well, Be well,




2 responses

8 06 2013

The garden looks great!
XO thinking of you❤

8 06 2013


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