I have been a ‘semi-vegetarian’ for 20+ years now. No beef or pork (classified as four-legged critters), a fleeting relationship with our feathered friends and a love relationship with some sea creatures. Over the years I have stuck to mostly yummy veggie meals, experimented in making recipes more healthy and investigated the ingredients in our food, history, where they come from and how they made me feel. Today the food in our home is mostly organic, comes from as close to home as possible, void of processed foods (well okay some sneak in now and then) and lacks sugar. I make my own almond ‘milk’ and yoghurt, sprout whole grains and seeds. Nothing is regimented. I don’t believe in dogmatic living – I believe that if I am going to have sugar, revel in it, eat a cupcake (with a glass of wine)! Why have crap in everything you put in your mouth. When you explore a clean way of living and a whole food diet, a treat is really spectacular – not to mention will help you live longer and happier. You feel better, your skin is clearer and digestion/elimination is consistent! Today, sustainability of our food and food security is becoming increasingly important and i’ll continue my inquiry (and rants) in that department. Gardening, composting and other ways to minimize our footprint as home owners and citizens is an important part of our lifestyle….although we are working on the number of footprints running around the garden by starting a family, something I’m sure will be an interesting and fun source of food inspiration.

I started this blog to capture and share my health food enthusiasm – and to encourage others to join a movement of Health Food Junkies. I’d love to hear your thoughts, recipes and ramblings, so send me a note or comment on the site.

Eat Well, Be Well, Natalie

p.s. about the images on this blog, they are mostly mine. If you want to use them, let me know, it’s the right thing to do. If you want to post a recipe for yourself, I ask you link back to this blog. We are a community, let’s spread the word.

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