The Bottom Line

8 08 2010

David Suzuki has a radio program on CBC called The Bottom Line. I listen occasionally, it airs on Sunday’s. If you miss it you can download the podcast from iTunes or go to the CBC podcast site and get them there. He has done a great group of episodes on agriculture, farming, soil, organics, etc called Soil and Life in the Dirt. He interviewed Joel Salatin, our favourite farmer from the movie Food Inc. in Episode 3 on July 18 (see my rants from previous blog entries Seriously Now and  A Way Forward).

If you have the time, get filled in on The Bottom Line.

Be well, Eat well,


Cool Comment

3 05 2010

Ani Phyo commented on this blog! Check out the comment under ‘Veggie Pate’…or to make it easier I have pasted it here for you 🙂

“Thanks Nat for enjoying my recipe!! And for the mention. i have many more recipes and videos on my website, as you know, at: my latest book “Ani’s Raw Food Essentials” goes on sale in the USA June 1st. It’s my biggest book yet, hard cover, with over 250 recipes. printed in 2 color with gorgeous color food photo inserts, it’s priced under $28, rather than over $45. my recipes continue to get simpler and faster to make. I hope you’ll check it out and enjoy it. thanks again for the post.”

How cool is that (unless it was her ‘people’). The last two weekends I have made desserts from her book that I quote often it seems. The ‘Lemon Coconut Bars’ and the ‘Fresh Mango Cobbler’ have been big hits in our house. Planet Organic had a bunch of ripe mangos on special Sunday and I thought ‘hey I think I have a recipe to try’! Tony said ‘yup better than the brownies’, so they must be good!

I’ll be buying her new book will u? (to Ani’s ‘people’: maybe she’ll send me some Ani swag)

Be well, Eat well

More on Food

26 04 2010

In my morning scan I came across an interesting interview with Michael Pollan of Food Inc in the Huffington Post. The set of photos are interesting and date back through the ages of food production and marketing. There is a lot more to come from this discussion on food and good on him. I hope that we start to hear more about salt and sugar in the near term, two very destructive and over produced additives in our food. He makes it clear that he is supporting whole sustainable food consumption, to go back to simpler ways of being. Think pre-industrial revolution.

As well I noticed a short photo guide on sustainable seafood. There is a printable guide and iPhone app which I love. I have often questioned what seafood is sustainable and which is not when I am shopping or out for dinner. This is a new area for me. Tony and I watch Nature of Things and last year they ran a show in which David Suzuki and his daughter went in search of sustainable seafood production in Canada. To their happy surprise there is a a lot of good stuff going on in this country including sustainable and progressive mussel farms on the East Coast.

Eat well, be well,


Succumbed to Twitter

31 03 2010

Alright, call it curiosity, research for budding business or just plain fun. We launched Health Food Junkies on Twitter today. You know just to see how it works and all that <smirk>. See the Tweets on the bottom right, cool right?

While I am here, this is my kind of girl. Maybe I should get a cupcake pasted on my calf? Kidding mom 🙂

Be well, Nat

Real Raw Food

24 03 2010

When I took that raw food ‘cooking’ class last year we learned about a great raw food distributor out of BC, Real Raw Food. I recently did another order and in 48 hours had a box full of raw organic nuts, raisins, coconut butter and cocao nibs at my door. The shipping costs are low ($12 this time) and there is a minimum $100 order, but that is easy to reach if you use these ingredients a lot. Compared to buying them bulk at organic markets, it is worth it.

By the way the company that we did the raw food class with was Feel Alive. Tammy was a real raw foodie, the real deal. She made raw food approachable and doable. Even though totally raw herself, she encourages ways to incorporate raw eating into parts of your life, there is goodness all around.

Want raw food inspiration? I got Ani’s Raw Food Kitchen recipe book as a gift. It was my introduction to raw food and raw food movements a few years ago. Ani Phyo is very well known. I like her simplicity and style. She is not the only one out there, if you google raw food there is lots, a bit overwhelming actually. I have loved everything I have tried out of Ani’s book. As well, she gives an overview of raw food basics and techniques. I am not advocating a raw diet, I don’t subscribe to one diet but I do eat more raw fruits and veggies in the summer than winter that’s for sure. There is a lot of goodness to raw eating so do what makes sense to you. If you just eat 8-12 servings of fruits and veggies a day your health will change (and there won’t be room for as much crap, right).

Be Well, Eat Well, Nat

Not a Doritos Endorsement

19 03 2010

Back from Sayulita, Sayulita Life Part III coming soon. In the meantime, I wanted to get this out to the two people following this blog. My friends in Calgary made this Doritos ad for a contest. I finally got to watch it today and love it. Those of you that know me well, both of you, might know that I have had a love affair with Doritos Zesty Cheese in the past, not often, once a month. I’ve kicked that habit and no not because I’m pregnant <eye roll> but for healthful reasons, but once in awhile, like on car trips, they’re okay 🙂

Anyhow, this commercial is for a Doritos ad competition, you have to watch this URL and if you watch the other videos you are giving them votes so don’t. I know the makers of this little film and I can assure you it is the best one so don’t be watching the other ones. Promise. Go eat Doritos instead, doh, not suppose to endorse them, this is a health food blog.

(eat well) and be well, Nat

Anthony ‘WTF’ Bourdain

19 02 2010

Tony and I went to see Anthony Bourdain speak in Calgary  back in January. I had to post about this event. Besides laughing (with and at all the profanity) there was a wine and cheese after. Good value. If you’re into this sort of thing, keep your eyes posted for more of these ‘foodie’ events at the Epcor Centre. If you don’t know who Mr. Bourdain is, he is a ‘say it like it is’ food-travel-writer-chef. He doesn’t go to the places tourists go, he seeks out the traditions and culinary pride of the countries and cities he travels too. You can find him on the Travel Channel or Discovery Channel, NOT the Food Network. He does roll his eyes at veggies and vegans, but once you get past that (and he has been known to swoon over an organic tomato or two) you’ll realize he is doing more than eating ‘weird stuff’. He is encouraging us to explore the world, through the heart and soul of others, respecting cultures and experiencing where food traditions came from. He poo-poo’s poor travellers that expect to get the hamburger and pizza they are familiar with at home, he is especially hard on his fellow American’s. “If you are fortunate enough to have a passport and travel why the f**k would you go to a Hard Rock Cafe?”

In answering the question of why food shows have become so popular, he compared it to porn. “Watching people on TV doing things you’re not going to do anytime soon”. He ranted about fast food and the quality of food in America. “As an American it is my right that ammonia shouldn’t ever be present in my hamburger”, referring to a recent New York Times article about this very thing. Still want that hamburger? As a new parent, he goes on to remind us the power of marketing and just who the marketers are after – kids, with million dollar brainwashing campaigns. Still want that hamburger?

We appreciated his ability to remind us of how fortunate we are, that we can travel the world and explore other places. That we have food from all nations represented in the major cities of North America while others in the world go hungry. With that he ends, “We only have so much time at the table” and “The history of the world is on your plate”. Bon Appetite

Be well, Natalie