French Kiss

2 07 2011

I hope all you Canadians had a nice Canada Day. I worked in the garden, seeded more spinach, picked peonies (and weeds) and made a rhubarb-strawberry crumble. Summer has truly arrived.

Tony and I spent a few days last week at the Vegas house. It is more than summer there. The hottest it got was 42 degrees celsius. There was a lot of lounging by the pool and swimming going on. We were celebrating our third wedding anniversary and Tony’s 40th birthday. In doing so we hit up a favourite eating spot on Friday night, The Oyster Bar at Harrah’s Casino. An old but iconic casino. I, unlike most people I know, love fresh shucked oysters. For someone who has sworn off most meat for 20+  years, I still eat seafood. I am very conscious of the sort of seafood I eat though, and checked on my Seafood Watch iPhone app we were being responsible gluttons that night. In the research that I have done, a lot of high quality oysters are farmed  very responsibly. Farmed oysters are a ‘Best Choice’ according to the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch.

That night they had five varieties of oysters on the menu, which is an interesting sign of the economy in Vegas. When we were there last February they only had one variety, Malpeque. Sad but true, more money = more gambling and trips to Vegas. I digress. We had the always good Bluepoints off the East Coast US, French Kiss from New Brunswick (on the left in the image above) and Shigoku, a Japanese variety farmed in the Pacific North West (on the right above). They threw in a fourth for us to try, but I didn’t catch the name, they said they were ‘really special’ and we had to try them (the two small ones in the middle). They were good. Our favourite was the French Kiss. They were meaty and sweet.

Other information on oysters Canadian Aquaculture and David Suzuki’s site for eating for a healthy planet.

We got home in time to have 20 people for dinner. Thank goodness for friends and family that bring food and help cook. I had a cake made for Tony at Cakeworks here in town. They do wonderful cakes and if you’d like, with caricatures on them. Here is Tony driving our 1967 Beaumont.

Argh, just posted, but here’s an after thought: I have to share this with you too. Tony made the sweetest little table for our hallway as an anniversary gift. It is a joint effort actually. My brother Tim made the metal base and Tony did the woodwork. There is even a little drawer at one end, he is so talented. I also got a great big bread board, a man you knows my heart :). Can’t wait to blog about that one day too.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend and if you are in the US, happy Fourth of July.

Eat well, Be well,