The 1st of March

2 03 2010

Ah, the 1st of March and so much to say. In Calgary it was sunny and 10C warm yesterday. I went for a walk at Glenmore Park, being outside is so refreshing. Bundled up, covered up and void of sunlight for months, when spring peeks it’s head out in Calgary smiles stretch across everyone you see. There were two men on park benches, elderly men, really elderly men, talking about their heart procedures and the technology that had extended their lives. They talked about in’s and out’s of how it went and how they felt. They have probably lived the same length of two generations of the previous centuries. Ponder that.

Food! Sunday’s in our house are usually saved for prepping food for the week, experimenting with recipes and menus not tried before or building a feast of favourites. This past Sunday was Wagamama Sunday. What’s Wagamama? For those of you that have been to Europe you might be familiar with this fresh and casual noodle eatery. When I was in London in 2002 we discovered it in Piccadilly Circus. It was just starting to take off in Europe. You sit at long shared picnic tables, the server writes your order on the paper in front of you and when the food comes it is fresh, sizzling and healthful. Mostly soups and stir-fries and the flavours are rich and have a lot of depth. When we went through Heathrow on our way home from Canary Islands last year I was over the moon to discover the Wagamama at the airport (well okay, I knew it was there, I of course looked it up before we left, nothing like planning a meal months in advance). I brought home their cook book and Sunday we made a few of the recipes and just in time to sit and take in the Olympic Closing Ceremonies. Edamame (classic and easy soybean dish), Yasai Itameru (veggie, tofu stir-fry on a bed of coconut ginger rice noodles) and for dessert Char-grilled Pineapple. This you have to try.

In a sauce pot mix 1 can of coconut milk, a few tablespoons of sugar (now choose this wisely, you can use any kind of sugar but try unprocessed sweeteners like Agave or Maple), juice of 1 lime and the zest of half a lime and  a 5 cm piece of lemongrass thinly sliced. Simmer 5 min and let cool. Char-grill slices of pineapple over high heat, 1-2 minutes a side, place in a serving dish or individual bowls. Strain the coconut sauce, warm gently on stove and pour over the pineapple. Tell me that isn’t great.

Welcoming in the 1st of March is always warming. What’s not warming is the ongoing natural disasters our world is facing. My opinion, we don’t have time to fight wars, we need to take care of each other and the planet.

Be well, eat well, Nat