The Majestic Plastic Bag

26 08 2010

Some of you may remember my post on the Midway Journey and the impact plastic has had on our oceans. The other day a friend of mine sent me a mockumentary about the journey of the plastic bag, it is short and worth a watch. 19 BILLION plastic bags are used in California a year. That’s three times the population of human beings on EARTH!!! If you don’t already take your own bags to grocery shop, maybe this will help you consider that (and if you didn’t see the Midway Journey blog, the link is above).

Watch The Majestic Plastic Bag here.

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Shame on Us

26 02 2010

I had these links shared with me yesterday, I watched all the little movies and then checked out Chris Jordan’s photography, ‘Message from the Gyre’. It is about a project on Midway Atoll, an island and place that is suffering because of our over consumption. Like a canary in a coal mine, this should cause alarm. It did me. The pictures of the albatross have not left my mind.

Think about it. The big fish (and mammals and turtles and others) eat the smaller fish that eat the even smaller fish that eat the little fish that eat the even littler fish that eat the minnows that eat the smaller minnows that eat the plankton (and other fish eat plankton) that are confused for bits of plastic we unceremoniously throw out. Seriously.

Midway Journey

Chris Jordan Message from the Gyre

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