KFM: Saskatoon Berry Pie

29 12 2010

How was your Christmas? Your time off? Ate too much? Ate well at least? I did :). I always remind myself that our eating habits over a week of holidays is not as detrimental than the choices we make the rest of the year (right Donna Blande ;). If we do our best to choose wisely, not to over eat or over indulge during the holidays and continue our exercise, it all evens out. I think as a ‘health food junkie’ you are well aware of your own limits and what makes you feel good and what makes you feel bad. Having the discipline to continue this awareness over a period of time when the outings and dinners are plentiful takes practice, practice we do all year. I love this time of year when we can recharge, take the pressure off and stay close to the comforts of home, family and friends…when the New Year comes we get back in the saddle. Can you believe it is 2011 in just a few days?

So speaking of comforts, I have to encourage those of you in Calgary to check out the Kingsland Farmers Market. I know I have mentioned it before, but it moved into it’s permanent indoor location in December, and good timing since last week was the final day of the Calgary Farmers Market at Curry Baracks, a long time favourite of market shopping folk. KFM is bright, full of great vendors and still growing. I thought I’d use this blog to share a KFM favourite now and then. We first tried Little Purple Apple Saskatoon berry pie in the spring and loved it (so did Avenue Magazine recently). The owner promised a pie full of berries, almost a kilo, little sugar and thin flaky crust. Well he is right. I have tried the other pies at the market and they are good, but we think Little Purple Apple is the best. We share it will family and friends for dinner parties and Christmas Eve was no exception. It is so nice to find a pie that is full of whole fruit and not sugary filler. It is a treat and somewhat healthful, Saskatoon berries have one of the highest levels of antioxidants.

Although closed now till January 6, take a visit to the new KFM and if you’re up for a treat (and no time to bake one yourself), try out Little Purple Apple Sasktaoon berry pies…and the rest of the KFM community market.

Eat well, be well,

p.s. thanks for your comments lately…