Top it with Tahini

9 04 2012

I just ate this and I don’t think I was breathing while doing it:

It was good while it lasted but I think I am having heart palpitations now. Have you read the recent articles on sugar addiction. šŸ˜‰ No joke.

Good thing we have healthy recipes to bring us back to life. A popular recipe on this blog is the Tahini dip/dressing, go here to read again. It is so good on so many things. My last post was about an experiment with sea kelp noodles, go here to check it out. If you made that recipe (or used brown rice instead to make that yummy bowl of veg and tofu), you should have had tofu left over. What to do with it? Grill it up and serve over a chopped salad and drizzle with tahini dressing.

Make enough tahini dressing to use again. Next day, make or buy some falafel’s and warm them up, throw them onto a salad with tahini dressing and fresh cracked pepper.

And another way to use the tahini, spread it on a whole grain wrap, add veggies and tofu (these are the tofu snacks from Planet Organic) and roll up and press in a Panini press or warm it on a stove top grill pan. Its a good quick lunch. Finally, here is another tahini recipe from 2010. So many ways with tahini…what’s yours?

3 tbsp Tahini
2 tbsp Soy Sauce
2 tbsp Maple or Agave Syrup (or jaggery if you have it, asian sugar cane)
2 tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar
1 tbsp Toasted Sesame Oil (or olive oil if you don’t have it)

Hope you had a nice long weekend,

Eat well, Be well & Aloha (more on that later),


Goddess Dressing

6 07 2011

So I planned on just doing a quick post on a simple salad I made…nothing ever turns out simple though AND I learned something of course :). Most nights after work we eat a big salad. I think I have mentioned before that I eat lots through the day and wind it down at night. I sleep better when I don’t eat complex carbs after 4PM (complex carbs = flour, potatoes, grains etc). This is important when you are going to bed early and getting up early for physical activity, in my case ashtanga yoga. Eating lightly at night lets the system rest and not spend the night with a slow metabolism trying to crank through a big bowl of pasta. If you are one of those that can do that (aka my husband) good on you, I can’t. I eat my whole grains, the more the better, veggies and such through the day and finish the day with a bit of protein and a salad.

Salad dressings around here are quite simple. The kind you throw many ingredients into a jar and shake. We use a lot of olive oil and different vinegar’s, apple cider being a favourite. Piri Piri olive oil, sea salt and fresh cracked pepper is a staple too. Sometimes I make blended dressings, made with cucumbers, avocados and a variety of nuts. For a treat and a quick go to dressing I grab Simply Natural’s Goddess Dressing. In writing this blog entry, I of course googled it to find a picture and fell upon a gaggle of goddess type dressings. Apparently ‘green goddess dressing’ was a big trend in the late 70’s. It is a mayo, anchovy and herb dressing. Some include avocado, others have dropped the anchovy and all of them include a different variety of herbs, giving it a green hue. Huh.

Anyhow, in a snap, Simply Organic’s Goddess Dressing makes any salad a big yum. The other day I threw together a bunch of veggies I had in the refrigerator like shredded red cabbage, chopped cucumber, shredded carrot, diced red pepper, sliced avocado, a radish from the garden and a diced tomato. I warmed up some falafel’s and threw them on there with some Goddess Dressing. The dressing has tahini in it so it is perfect with falafel’s. I get mine at Planet Organic, and I am sure you can find it near you in an organic section.

Eat Well, Be Well,


Lazy Saturday Lunch

29 05 2010

As Tony took what was left of the basement to the eco-dump (where all your old building material is separated into it’s applicable heaps) I finished up some work and made lunch for when he got home. I didn’t feel like cooking but felt like a warm and healthful bowl of something. In this case you look in the fridge, take stock and create. I figured I could make a veggie, chickpea dish with the Lemon Tahini dip/sauce (see earlier post on tahini) that is a staple around here.

I steamed a bunch of chopped carrots for 5 min, added broccoli florets to it in the last minute and drained the lot and added it all back to the pot. I added half a can of chickpeas, 2 big blobs of tahini, juice of a lemon, splash of apple cider vinegar, cracked pepper and pinch of salt and warmed it on the stove on medium. I added a bit of water to ensure it was saucy. I spooned it into a bowl and although I had no rice (and realized this would have been great with soaked wild rice, no cooking required, oh well, next time), I grabbed a handful of pita chips and put them on the side. Lunch is served. Filled our tummy’s and gave us energy to do more work around the house.

Eat well, be well,


More Sprouts

14 05 2010

Here is a great lunch that includes sprouts, so easy to throw on whatever you like. I had 1/2 cup of brown rice left over, warmed that up and placed into a bowl. I warmed up Lemon Tahini dip, mixed it with some chickpeas and added that to the rice bowl (can’t see them in the picture but they are under the veggies). Over the stove I steamed Ā carrots, broccoli and curly kale and added that to the bowl. Sliced up a few black olives and sprinkled the whole thing with sprouts (those are the Spring Salad Mix), sesame seeds and fresh ground pepper. You could give the bowl a squeeze of lemon if you’d like and Voila! Healthful lunch on the fly.

Eat well, Be well,



13 04 2010

I was in Fernie the other weekend with some amazing gals from Leadership Calgary. We ate, we drank, we talked, we drank (oops already said that). Healthful living is not about drinking too much wine, but we drank responsibly, went for an amazing hike and attempted to solve some of the worlds problems as we did it, so it was a wash. Anyhow, we all pitched in to serve meals throughout the weekend. We had an amazing cedar planked BBQ salmon, tons of veggies, green smoothies for breakfast accompanied by an amazing bowl of raw sprouted quinoa with fruit and seeds. One night we did tapas that included Thai green curry mussels, cheese, veggies and dips (and a great pairing of wines). One of the dips was a tahini dip I made. I love tahini. It is so versatile and healthful. It adds richness and protein to anything.

I have two staple tahini dips I make. Both of them I learned while in Goa from a vegan chef. Now, the amounts are what ever you want to make them, I use a regular soup spoon and scoop and pour using it as the measure. Play around with the amounts for taste and thickness. These are both good thicker as dips or a bit thinner as salad dressings/sauces. I especially like them spooned over salads full of veggies and sprouted legumes and seeds.

Tahini Dip/Dressing #1

3 Tahini
2 Soy Sauce
2 Maple or Agave Syrup (or jaggery if you have it, asian sugar cane)
2 Apple Cider Vinegar
1 Toasted Sesame Oil (or olive oil if you don’t have it)

Mix together in a small bowl, incorporating all the ingredients. This will be a thicker dressing/dip so add a Tbsp of water at a time for the consistency you’d like.

Tahini Dip/Dressing #2

3 Tahini
2 Lemon Juice (add some zest too)
1 Olive Oil
Pinch of sea salt
Mix together in small bowl. Double or triple the recipe to make as much as you like. Add this to cubed and cooked squash or pumpkin and a can of chickpeas. Serve warm with brown rice.
I am experimenting with different veggie pate’s using almond meal (from making almond ‘milk’) and tahini, i’ll let you know what my favourite one is soon enough. So much to eat, so much to share…
Eat well, be well,